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A fair few male anxieties stem from just a handful of common myths about the penis - mainly relating to penis size and the value of that attribute to an area sex. Below, pennis enlargement pills 've dealt with 8 of the most common myths surrounding the penis, as well as subject of of penis enlargement - all as impartially as possible.

1. The average penis measures just how much - 8 inches!?

A certain Doctor Krause concluded in the late Nineteenth century how the average erect penis measured approximately 8 1/4 inches in length; and being a consequence men have been trying to desperately enlarge theirs ever since. It's a myth purveyed by many a penis enlargement site who swear blind that below 7 inches should give you the star exhibit in the local freak show.

In reality, properly conducted medical research has revealed that the average erect penis measures somewhere between five and six inches in length and around five inches in girth. Well over half the male population fall into this territory. If you draw a graph of penis sizes based on one the hands down scientific studies they draw an almost perfect bell curve - with only about 20 percent of men being smaller than 5 inches and another 20 % being over 6.5 within.

How do you measure? Place a ruler along the top your erect penis, pressing lightly into the pubic skin at the establish. You'll get the most accurate reading if you possess your penis horizontal making use of floor.

2. Women like 'em bigger

Not according to a recent study conducted by the University of California. Out of 50,000 respondents to a 'body image' questionnaire, researchers found that the associated with women - a massive 85 percent - were 'very satisfied' with the amount of their partners penis.

It is true that there are fair few size queens within the market - one Internet based study found that 9 percent of women considered medicine penis to measure between 7 - 8 inches, whilst another 2 percent said weren't happy unless their partner's penis was large enough to knock kittens out of trees - quoting 10 - 12 inches as the perfect size. But there seems to be method to the madness - about the same percentage of men have oversized appendages to satisfy this 10 percent of females - nature is indeed a wonderful thing.

So if you are between 5 - 6 inches in length, around 90 percent of women won't consider you genitally challenged.

3. If you've got a small penis you're less of a man

Don't tell that to the Silverback Gorilla who stands 1.7 metres tall and weighs around 180 kg - he's got a smaller erect penis of around 4 cm (1.5 inches) in length. Calling him maggot dick is undoubtedly a bad idea - like the Hulk, you most likely wouldn't like him when he's angry and he'd make short work of even the most masculine or men.

Different (human) cultures do of course attach varying degrees of vital that the size of a man's genitalia. The ancient Greeks liked them small for example, whilst certain African cultures consider anything under a grandfather clock pendulum with regard to inadequate. But needless to say, penis size is not a genetic marker of your level of masculinity.

4. A bigger penis makes you a better lover

Penis length is the most unimportant thing when it for you to giving pleasure during vaginal sex. Even when sexually aroused, the average vagina only elongates to about 4 inches - so that's all your technically need. What's more, almost all the pleasure sensing nerves are simply just within the first few inches of the vagina - so in fact a thicker penis is far more important than length by way of stimulating the fairer erectile.

5. Size doesn't matter

This may not be a myth but more a few opinion. As I complained above, having an average sized penis is something most women seem end up being pretty content with.

But anyone penis size causes that suffer any degree of interest or anxiety, then keep in mind it does matter.

If your anxieties are based on misconceptions about what's average or what women need for, hopefully some for this points above will put your mind at ease. But there's no doubt that it's not always about women and sex - men by their nature attribute a good deal of their self belief, confidence and worth to the area their dicks as well. So maybe size does matter - just more to us blokes than it does to women.

From a medical perspective, a micro-penis is defined as the penis measuring less than 4cm flaccid and 7 cm erect - this is the point at which the g . p would agree that size matters.

6. Penis enlargement surgery may be the easiest way to increase penis size.

Sorry.not only does surgery tend to produce limited gains, but achieving those gains requires a great deal of patient motivation post-operatively. An increase of an inch in flaccid penis length is considered a success, whilst erect gains tend for even less.

What's more, those gains don't just appear overnight - they're gradually achieved through the involving a penile traction device. Generally, penile traction needs to be applied for 8 hours per day, everyday until the procedure is complete. One identified surgeon who specialises in penis enlargement enlargement surgery once summed up the importance of sticking to the minimum 8 hours a day traction routine when he was quoted saying "if a patient explained that they used traction for 7 hours a day, I'd say that they have just wasted 7 hours".

7. Penis pills and patches work

Erm.sorry again if most likely under any illusions - penis pills won't provide any form of permanent penile enlargement. The better supplements may well promote a temporary size increase due to their penile blood boosting effects, but these effects are dependent on continued use. They get their benefits, but as a stand alone method of permanent and effective penis enlargement isn't one of one.

8. The penis can't be enlarged through non-surgical means

Last but certainly not least, the old 'Can you, can't you?' debate towards the feasibility of alternative penis enlargement techniques. The medical community until quite recently has categorically dismissed the effectiveness of any form of non-surgical method. However, this resolute position is steadily losing its ground without the pain . release of some interesting medical research. An Italian study published in the British Journal of Urology in 2008 for example recorded average penis length increases of 0.9 inches in patients who'd undergone six months treatment along with a penile extender device.

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