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pennis enlarge medicine has been a major concern for men since they discovered the pleasure of sex. Even men during the medieval times used natural penis enlargement exercises, according to ancient records. It has been seen that these miracle penis exercises will offer the penis additional length of upwards of 3 inches depending on work a man puts in with through the associated with these proven and natural penis enlargement physical exercise.

Some of the most well known natural penis enlargement exercises include milking or jelqing, stretching and PC or kegel techniques. There are lots of penis exercising based on these major penis exercises and you can discover a lot of guides and programs in the internet today.

Many online businesses even sell penis enlargement programs in CD form to their customers. Many success stories have been written about natural penis enlargement exercises and subsequently miracle story become yours.

A longer and harder penis is the answer through these penis exercise programs inside of a matter of a few weeks, 6 weeks at the most and oh boy, men are jumping with joy! The stretching exercise or your "penis pull" is an exercise that gently breaks the penile tissue where blood can flow and generate extra pound of new cells and tissues.

But it should be done in intervals meaning you should give your penis a rest to allow its broken tissue rebuild itself. The space has to be filled up with new tissue thus adding volume into the penis. With more breaking and rebuilding in between rests, your penis will definitely gain extra inches effectively.

Stamina in sex activity is also crucial aside from using a huge dick. Fast ejaculation is a no-no for both and also their sexual partner. These can be control effectively while doing this natural penis enlargement exercise making use of kegel muscles.

The kegel or the PC muscle which is located between your scrotum and anus must remain exercised using the "tensing" technique. It is just like suppressing your urine while urinating. Muscle mass that responds when you suppress your urine in the process of urination is the kegel muscle.

Learn to stiffen it as you desire and do it quite often level of electricity will prevent premature ejaculation; promote vitality and stamina during sex, longer erection, and larger and harder penis.

But in addition there are methods that are miraculously adding extra inches to your penis width enlargement without performing penis exercises. The proven methods involve the usage of the "penis stretcher" which is proven and recommended by doctors. The penis stretcher is a contraption or support that stretches your penis to allow more blood flow in the tiny vessels, thus promotes longer erection and a rock hard penis.

Take note: all the proven methods mentioned will have an increasingly impressive result if you will live a healthier life -away from excessive drinking and cigarettes. Too much stress and anxiety will also make these proven methods worthless so live a healthy their lives.

Want to increase your penis size, have stronger, harder erections, last longer during intercourse and have powerful orgasms?

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